October 6, 2011

This post is for my mom

Hey Mom! I wrote this post at work last night! Don't worry, I'm doing all my schoolwork!

Here's a layout of my apartment along with helpful pictures!

So this is a paint drawing I made of the walls and major furniture in my apartment. If you click here, it will get bigger. It's to orient you when you look at the pictures.

This is what the main room looks like when you're standing near the butcher block. Several important points:
  • We have really amazing and beautiful big windows.
  • You will notice many gourds/pumpkins scattered about the place. My housemate Griffin had a farm plot in town this summer and he grew a ton of vegetables which we have all been very happily eating. He also grew MANY pumpkins. So far for dinner we've had many pumpkin pies, pumpkin pasta, and pumpkin soup.

This is the sitting room when standing near the
dining table. We've got a map of London and a map of Granada above the couch (can you tell who put them up?) and other people are supposedly going to put up other maps to go with them. We also have a coffee table in between the couches for when we entertain. How fancy!

This is the main room from the sitting area. You'll recognize the table cloth we used for the notice board table, I think. Emily put up that cloth -- she got it in Africa!

This is part of the kitchen from standing in front of Emily's African cloth. This is where you get really impressed about Griffin. Griffin made the butcher's block in the foreground, the wooden counter in the background, and the spice rack on the left! Even better, he made the butcher's block and the counter out of old furniture that the college was giving away for free.

This is what the kitchen looks like from the butcher's block.

Here's the view out of one of our downstairs windows. We're right above the park, and that building on the left is the old bank.

One more view of the downstairs, this time from the stairs. I took this pictures at the hour of the afternoon when the sun is hitting the disco ball that the boys hung up, so that's why there are little dots of light everywhere. So pretty!

This is my desk, which is right at the top of the stairs. I don't have a picture of Emily's, but it's opposite mine against the wall to the bathroom (as you can see on the paint drawing).

This is the bedroom! We have queen beds, which is AWESOME. My bed is the one on the right and Emily's is on the left. The boys all sleep in the other apartment

My bed! And what's at the foot of my bed!

And this is Emily's bed.

AND THAT'S THE END. I'm gonna go call you now, ok Mom?

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